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About Picture Element
About Michael Chambers

About Our Name
Our name, Picture Element, came from the the full name of the acronym "pixel" ...

<graphics> (picture element) Usually abbreviated to pixel. The smallest discrete component of an image or picture [syn: pixel]

At Picture Element we are dedicated to the perfection of every pixel!

Picture Element is a small family owned business located in Santa Clara, California. Contact Info...

About Michael Chambers
Picture Element was founded by Michael Chambers. Mike studied photography and graphic design in college and has extensive experience in photography, computer graphics, and electronics. With over 14 years of experience, Mike is a photographer, artist, and technician.

Before the days of digital imaging, Mike produced beautiful traditional color and black & white prints. He built his own darkroom and learned the art of fine print making. As technology advanced, Mike began using computers and digital printers to further master his printing skills, which has earned him even greater control over the perfection of images.

Mike decided to start Picture Element after working for Calypso Color Labs for over 11 years. Calypso orginally hired Mike in 1993 for his traditional print making skills in the darkroom. Mike immediately demonstrated his talents by printing large murals for many well know photographers. In 1994, digital imaging and printing was in its infancy, and Mike helped to create and came to be manager of Calypso's new digital department. He was responsible for all technical processes, one on one consulting, image making, and all color management processes.

"I started Picture Element because I was eager to utilize my skills in directing entire projects. I acquired the latest technology and equipment and wanted to make it available to clients. I was determined to take digital capture and print output to its fullest extent"

Mike also teaches digital imaging and color management workshops.