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Canvas Stretching  
Stretcher Profiles - (Depth of stretcher is shown by vertical measurement and bold type on drawings)
We purchase high quality kiln dried material in bulk from a reputable mill and cut, glue, join, and assemble each stretcher frame ourselves. Each piece is top grade finger jointed pine free of knots making it a very strong straight frame. We use this same quality material for our bracing bars on larger pieces for added strength. Unlike ordinary art store frames, our stretcher frames are strong and solid, and will be for years to come.
"Gallery Wraps" have become popular among artists and photographers. It allows for the stretcher bars to be completely wrapped with the canvas image and stapled and folded neatly on the back. This costs a little more, but eliminates the need for framing which costs considerably more. Plus, it can always be framed at a later time if needed. There are two ways to accomplish the "wrap". One is to wrap the sides with part of the image. This crops into the image area. This is usually only an option for photographers who have extra space around their images. For photographs that don't lend themselves to cropping (and most paintings), we can do a "mirror wrap". This is accomplished in the computer before printing. The outer most edges of the painting are copied and "mirror flipped in the computer and added back to the each side extending the image for the wrap. The mirror helps the image appear to change direction from the corner to the side. There is a one-time $25.00 setup charge for adding the mirror. The printed wrap portion will also increase the canvas print cost.

For stretching pricing please call us toll free at 866-969-0084 or by email at:

Please include your name, company (if applicable), email address and phone number. We do not share your information with anyone.

Cutting precision mitres Glued and Joined Clean tight corners
A variety of kiln dried stretcher sizes Typical bracing layout for larger pieces