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About color management...

Simplified explanation of color management:

Capture devices, displays, and printers all produce color differently from one another. Numbers alone aren't enough to describe their color ranges and complex matrixes. Individual ICC color profiles are characterizations that can be made to describe these different matrixes. These profiles (or characterizations) refer back to a known universal set of color and equation reference. From this known reference, ICC profiles can then communicate and convert color accurate information between one another. This basic theory makes color "management" possible. At Picture Element we consider ourselves color experts. We have many years of color profiling and color matching experience. We also offer one on one color mangement training for painters and photographers wanting to learn how to work on there own files for $180 an hour. This service can be offered for groups up to 4 people at a time and is provided by Mike Chambers, the owner of Picture Element.

Colorsync profiles

Picture Element has custom made Profiles for each device (even our fine art scanner). This ensures consistent color, minimal editing, and minimal cost in testing. It also greatly reduces the amount of degradation that editing program like Photoshop, can introduce with lesser unprofiled color systems. We provide our custom profiles and a reduction in cost for clients who are experienced with editing and want to take responsibility with their own color management. By having files cropped, sized, and color managed, clients can gain more control over their work and save costs at the same time. We also offer a "professional setup" service for those who would rather have us do the editing and color work for them.

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