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Cruse Fine Art Digital Capture Pricing
Great reproductions start with a superior digital capture.
Our cruse system uses a unique method of capturing your art far beyond any other available method. Read about our captures and why they're a cut above the rest...

Our Cruse system is capable of capturing very high uninterpolated data that enables smaller artwork to be enlarged far beyond their original size if needed.

Cruse Digital Capture Services
Digital Capture
Includes the digital capture, post highlight and shadow optimization, and conservative sharpening if requested. Includes capture burned to CD/DVD with choice of RGB or CMYK color spaces. A small jpeg version of the completed capture (suitable for e-mail attachments and /or web site picture) is also burned to CD/DVD along with the finished capture on request.
Digital Capture
w/ Test
This includes all of the same services as above with the addition of 8.5x11" test on choice of available print material (allow 1 extra day for this service). Additional test cost is discounted from any print service we offer if ordered at time of test inspection.
Pricing Key
Digital Capture
$40 $50 $75 $115 $135 $165 $195 $235 $250 $340
Capture w/ test
$70 $80 $105 $135 $165 $195 $225 $270 $285 $380

Discounts: -10% for 3 or more at one time or (-15% 6+) (-20% 10+)
Call us for larger quantity discounts and special projects at: 408-969-0084
Original Size United

MB @

MB @
MB @
MB @
MB @
14 24 MB 44 MB 98 MB 134 MB 190 MB
18 40 MB 72 MB 164 MB 224MB 314 MB
25 78MB 140 MB 316 MB 430MB 606 MB
36 164 MB 292 MB 658 MB 996MB 1.26 GB
18x22 40 204 MB 362 MB 818 MB 1.11 GB 1.36GB/775
20x24 44 246 MB 438 MB 988 MB 1.34 GB
50 306 MB 548 MB 1.23 GB 1.68 GB
Original Size MB @
MB @

24x30 54 370 MB 658 MB 1.44 GB/590
24x36 60 444 MB 790 MB 1.72 GB/590
30x40 70 616 MB 1.10 GB 1.52 GB/470
Original Size MB @
MB/ppi* Original Size MB/ppi
36x48 84 890 MB 1.5 GB/390 48x72 (120) 1.66 GB/290
40x50 90 1.22 GB 2.11 GB/390 72x72 (144) 2.4 GB/290
36x66 102 1.03 GB 1.40 GB/350 48x90 (138) 2.00 GB/290
We can digitally capture pieces up to 4x6 feet in one pass or stich larger pieces over 20 feet in multiple passes...
Call us for quantity photo album cruse capturing down to $1.95 per scan. 408-969-0084

*Megabytes and Gigabytes are specified as16bit RGB color. The raw captures are saved as16bit RGB color and saved in ProPhoto color space unless other formats are requested ahead of time. We include small jpeg Srgb versions (sutible for web and email) for no charge upon request. Go to our resolution chart page

About Our Cruse Captures...