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Epson's Sure Color Printers - We have updated our great, but older 11880 fine art printers with 2 new Epson Sure Color printers. Capable of printing up to 64" wide, by 10 feet or more! With more colors and gray inks, we can offer the latest technology in resolution, color gamut, and achivability available today. Along with our custom made profiles, we gaurantee you won't find better print quality anywhere.

Solvent Commercial Printing Services - We've continued to expand our printing services with Epson's 11 ink (64") solvent printer. We now offer a solvent based canvas, custom wallpaper, and sinage printing, on a variety of new and exciting substrates. contact us for questions...

Workshop - "Digital Printing for the Fine Art Photographer"
We're proud to host a digital printing workshop taught by Charles Cramer. Charles Cramer’s landscape work has been published by National Geographic Books, Sierra Club, and the Yosemite Association. He has been profiled in PhotoTechniques, PhotoVision, Outdoor Photography (UK), and View Camera Magazines. He is also included in the book “Landscape: The World’s Top Photographers”, His work can be seen in galleries internationally, and at his website... find out more...

Framing Services - We've continued to expand our framing services and now can offer a variety of framing solutions with hundreds of moulding choices and custom services. contact us for questions...

Prestigious Company...
What does Picture Element have in common with the Vatican Museum in Italy, the Beethoven Museum in Germany, Nasa's Johnson Space Center in Houston, and the Pentagon?

The best digital capturing system with no equal... Picture Element joins the company of these prestigious organizations in providing the best fine art capturing capabilities anywhere. The Cruse Synchron Table scanner was designed and made in Germany. It's sole purpose is to capture every last detail of a fine art original for digital archiving and reproductions. An archival pigment print (giclée), can only be as good as the digital capture it comes from and the Cruse Synchron table scanner is the best around. It surpasses other "high end" digital scanning back camera systems in detail, texture and exact lighting. With its cross polarization filtration, it can remove glare from any original and even scan through glass if necessary.

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