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Picture Element offers a couple of different print pricing structures based on our clients' needs and quantity.

Because of our precise color managed equipment and policies, clients are able to submit files from their color managed desktops or have us prepare and color manage their work for them. Clients are able to save costs when doing some of their own work. We teach occasional color workshops in color management and offer one-on-one consulting for those who want to learn more. Give us a call. We'll be happy to answer any questions and sometimes we can solve an issue in the first few minutes. 408-969-0084 or E-mail us at:

Our Print Pricing Structure

Pricing for:

Archival Photo and Fine Art (giclee)...
Canvas Printing...
Mounting and Lamination...
Picture Framing...

Please email us at:

Or call us toll free at 866-969-0084 for pricing on archival photo, fine art (giclee), canvas printing and stretching, and mounting/ lamination and picture framing. If emailing, please include your name, company if applicable, phone number and email address. We do not share your information with anyone.

Cruse Fine Art Scanning (Photographic Digital Capture) Pricing...

Mounting and Laminating Info...

Creative Services:
$180 per hour by the 1/4 hour (new files with our creative work are provided upon request)

Minimum Charge:
We are a custom shop and while we offer smaller affordable prints, we have a $40.00 minimum charge per order.

Extra CD/DVD copies:
$8 and $12 respectively (Note: most services include one copy of files burned to disc already)

File Retrieval (when archived with us):
$40 for first file, and 5.00 for additional files when requested at the same time - one disc included

File Archiving:
.04 per megabyte - one time charge.

One copy of your file(s) is included on CD/DVD with most services we offer. We can burn a backup copy for you for a small charge (see above), or we can archive your file(s) indefinitely with us for a one time charge of 4 cents per megabyte. We keep one copy here on our RAID 5 server which has some redundancy built in to it already, and another copy is burned to disc and taken off site for extra security. Files that are not archived with us are kept on our local drive until we need room. This could be anywhere from several months to just a few days. SOME FILES GET QUITE LARGE AND WE CAN ONLY GUARANTEE HOLDING FILES 72HRS AFTER JOB PICK UP UNLESS ARCHIVING ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE AHEAD OF TIME!