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Picture Element offers different levels of service to meet the needs of our clients. We can help out as much or as little as needed. We are experienced with professionals who want only capture and output services from us, as well as less experienced computer and non-computer artists' that need more assistance. Aside from our fine art background and high quality output, we also have years of graphic design and commercial experience and can help manage your entire project. Picture Element's full service facility takes up over 5000 sq ft of space, and can produce many projects from start to finish.

Below are our print services. Other tiered pricing structures are on individual service pages.

"Ready-to-go" printing service:

This service is for clients who want to take some of the responsibility for the sucess of their printing. Files need to be submitted with these requirements:

1. Color managed...
Saved with in a working space profile and tagged accordingly. Profiling to one of Picture Element's custom paper profiles is not necessary. We can provide profiles on request for those who would like to soft proof and/or convert to our profile themselvles.

2. Format and Resolution...
Saved as an RGB Raster file in a flattened .tiff or flattened .psd, or jpeg format. (tiff is recomended). No LZW compression. No extra layers, channels or paths. No vector or postscript files (There is an additional 25.00 charge per file for vecter or postscipt files. Files must be saved at or under 360ppi (pixels per inch) with desired output size set. We recommend 180, 270, and 360 resolutions for optimal results.

"Professional Setup" printing service:

This is an additional service to our "ready-to-go" service above. Cost is $15.00 per file. It includes sizing, global color adjustments, cropping, and setting up borders if needed. Once a file is set up using our professional setup service, it can be sumitted later and qualifies for our "ready-to-go" pricing.

Testing is recommended. Test prints can be made for $25.00 (depending on file size), on the material or your choice.

Specific area adjustments including color, masking and intricate cloning/corrections are part of our creative services charges billable at $180 per hour in 1/10 hr. increments.

There is a $40.00 minimum per order.

Additional Prints:

Duplicate prints are discounted even further when puchased at the same time as the original. Discounted prices vary with media choice. Email us for pricing sheets.