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Canvas Prints
We specialize in canvas printing and it's becoming more and more popular every day. Canvas wraps are a great alternative to traditional printing and framinng for photographs. The print cost is more initially, but compared to matting and framing, it's a bargain. Plus, larger sizes are easily and cost effectively produced without incurring oversize framing charges.

Canvas is difficult to do well, and there are many parts to the process including using the right canvas, printer, inkset, coating system, stretchers, and skilled individuals putting it all together.

We print two versions of canvas. A slovent based ink with great color range, lightfastness and longevity that has the canvas coating impregnated in the canvas material itself. The solvent fuses with the coating and makes for a strong, durable finish that needs no other coating. This is a great choice for large or commercial projects, and is more economical than our traditional fine art water based product that needs an acrylic finish spray afterwards. Both products offer superior color range.

We we use a superior, bright white, low glare canvas on our waterbased inks that's made in the US. We've done lots of testing to arrive at this product. It has the best D-max (blacks) and color gamut we've ever seen in an archival canvas. We make our own ICC color profiles with our optimized print settings. We use our matte black ink sets with this canvas to achieve a superior black and tonal range compared to other print makers. We coat the canvas with a custom UV acrylic 2-coat system. This is done with great care using our HVLP system for a smooth even finish. We can produce satin, gloss, or matte finishes.

We then custom make our canvas stretchers from kiln-dried stock that we purchase from a reputable supplier. We stretch all our canvas by hand and take great care getting clean corners and aligning wraps correctly. Our clients love our canvas printing!

Canvas can be printed and stretched with several different options:
1. White sides - canvas is stretched and white is left on the sides ready for framing or for painting of edges. Usually a thinner stretcher is used for framing. Stapled in back.
2. Solid color wrap - your choice of color is added on the edges - canvas price is slightly higher since more area needs to be printed. The stretcher depth also affects this.
3. Crop wrapped - where the image is printed large enough to encompass the entire wrap, essentially cropping the image.
4. Mirror wrapped - where part of the image (the edge), is digitally copied and mirror flipped on to the side of the stretcher making an image “wrap around”
5. Custom wrap - we can customize and/or retouch the wrap area in many other ways including a combination of above methods. Call us for more info.

We offer 5/8”, 1.0”, 1.5”, and 2.0” stretcher bar depths when stretching is needed.

We include 2” (minimum) of white border on canvas prints when puchasing prints without stretching.

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Canvas Prints up to 64x120"
Canvas Prints now from 8"x10" up to 64"x120"
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