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Resolution / Sizing Chart
The sizing chart below can help you determine the ppi of the scan needed for a particular output.

Example: If you wanted a pigment print (giclée) of your original artwork (regardless of original size) , and wanted 20x30 inches on the output dimension, you find the inch size in the chart and reference it with resolution of the desired output (we used 305ppi in this case). You will need about a 159 MB scan of your original for a good output. You can cross reference this megabyte number and the original's size on our cruse scanning page to determine your ppi needed from your original .

Or you can call us and we'll be happy to assist you. 408-969-0084

24 bit RGB File sizes, Double Megabytes for 48 bit RGB Download a pdf version of this chart...
ppi = pixels per inch

• 240 - 360 ppi files are recommended for giclée printing
• 200 - 305 ppi files are recommended for Lightjet output
• Both printers can produce very good results down to 180 ppi of output size
• Very large prints can have adequate results down to 120ppi of output size at viewing distance